I got a Mac - Now how do I use it?

Welcome to the world of Mac! Now that you're on your way to a better computing experience, you just need to have proper guidance. We are very experienced with Apple OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard and can guide you through any task that you want. We will cater our training session to your needs and will teach you what you want to learn, on top of basic usability. If your Mac is still in the box or is just sitting on your desk, we can set it up for you when we come out for Mac training. On top of training you on your Mac, we can also give you training on the Adobe Creative Suite, iWork and iLife. Below are training outlines for what we offer.

Mac 101

This 6 hour course goes over the basics of the Mac OS X system from start up to shut down. You will learn the initial setup, how to setup your mail and personalize your Mac. Everyone's personality is unique and we believe that your Mac should be the same way.

Mac 201



This course focuses on the basics of the iLife suite. Garageband, iWeb, iPhoto, iDVD and iMovie are great ways to show your creativity and, as you know, Mac users are generally very creative.