My Mac is broken. What do I do?

Bring it to us. We are Apple™ certified to repair your Mac. We will fix your Mac and recommend upgrades (no pressure, no commitment) so that your Mac can continue to run as efficiently as the day you bought, if not more so. Parts vary by computer, but once the diagnostic is completed, we will provide you with a complete estimate so that you will know exactly what to expect pay. We don't have any hidden charges and will never pressure you into buying anything.

Diagnostics $20
Repairs $15/half hour
Reinstall of Operating System $40


My Mac is getting a little, um, sluggish.

Macs may get old, but it doesn't mean that they are any less useful. Sometimes, they just need a little upgrade to rejuvenate them. The most common reasons for a sluggish Mac is Memory and available Hard Drive space. With both being an easy and painless fix, you can be rest assured that your Mac will be as good or better than new when you get it back. Since part costs vary by model, we can issue a formal quote including parts and labor to you so that you know exactly what to expect. We don't have hidden charges and we always get authorization to do any additional repairs so that your bill is never a surprise. Below is a brief overview of what to expect for labor charges.

Memory Upgrade $20.00 + Parts
Hard Drive Upgrade $60.00* + Parts

*Cost of Hard Drive replacement and transfer of data. The cost for the installation of an additional Hard Drive with no data transfer and setup of Time Machine™ is $20.00.

Note: As a general ruling, we tend to utilize 3rd party parts for our Upgrades and some Mac repairs. If preferred, Genuine Apple parts can be used and we are able to provide quotes for those as well. The 3rd party suppliers that we normally use have tested their parts on Mac computers and have maintained a very high level of quality and reliability and, in many cases, have a greater warranty than Apple replacement parts. Our brand of choice for Memory is Kingston, as they have been a leading supplier of Memory for Macs and PCs alike for a number of years and provide a Lifetime Limited warranty on their Memory. Our brand of choice for Hard Drives is Western Digital, as they have a proven reliability and great warranty that surpasses that of Apple's. As an example of the cost savings, here is what you would pay for a 1 TB Hard Drive, supplied by Apple: $420. A very comparable, 1 TB Hard Drive from us would cost you $170.