A Mac is a terrible thing to waste.

Because Apple™ puts so much research into building their computers, they tend to last a long time. Still, people tend to want new Macs because of the great features that they offer. Below are Macs that we have generously taken in, cared for and made happy enough to want to seek a new family. These Macs have lots of life left in them and even come with a 30 day guarantee. **Prices subject to availability and configuration. Prices stated are for basic models. 


iMac 24"                   Starting from: $689 - Wow!

Up to 4GB of RAM
Up to 2TB Hard Drive
Combo CD-RW/DVD Drive
Airport Extreme

**SuperDrive available as an upgrade.

MacBook Air            Starting from: $799 - Wow!

Up to 2GB of RAM
Up to 128GB Hard Drive
Airport Extreme

**Optional Available Accessories: External optical drive, external hard drive, Apple mouse, Remote, Laptop Bag


Mac Mini                Starting from: $399 - Wow!

Up to 2.0GHz
Up to 2GB of RAM
Up to 400GB Hard Drive
CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
Airport Extreme

**Optional Available Accessories: Apple keyboard and mouse, Remote


Want to sell your Mac?

First of all, we need to ask, "Why?!". If its to buy a new Mac, that's awesome. If it's to buy on of the "other" computers out there, let us try to understand why for future reference and feedback to Apple™. If you'd still like to get rid of it, let us make you a reasonable offer on it or even reduce the sale price of a new Mac in exchange for your old one. We make complete system upgrades easy. As a courtesy service, we will even transfer your data to your new Mac for no charge.